To ensure the safety of employees and prevent the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in the Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution “FNTSIRIP them. M.P. Chumakov RAS” the following urgent measures are being taken in accordance with the order of the First Deputy General Director dated March 19, 2020 No. 21

  1. Employees are familiar with Decree of the Mayor of Moscow No. 12-UM dated March 5, 2020 “On the introduction of a high alert regime”, Decree of the Moscow Mayor No. 21-UM dated March 16, 2020 “On amending the Decree of the Moscow Mayor dated March 5 2020 No. 12-UM” and the need to comply with preventive measures to prevent the spread of infection recommended by WHO and Rospotrebnadzor.
  2. Preventive measures are observed at the workplace: treatment of premises with disinfectants; regular (every 2 hours) airing of working premises; shutdown of air-conditioning and technical ventilation systems in working premises.
  3. Regular thermometry is carried out, suspension from work and registration of employees with signs of SARS.
  4. Restrictive measures for visitors, including thermometry and refusal to enter the territory, if a visitor has an elevated body temperature (above 37.2 ° C).
  5. Measures are being taken to optimize work schedules in order to prevent crowding at the checkpoint, in the premises for meals and travel of employees in public transport during peak hours, and the possibility of remote work is organized for employees 65 years of age and older.
  6. The number of business mass events has been reduced as much as possible or transferred to a remote mode.